Scottish Joist Factory Update

Scottish Joist factory updateIt’s been a while since we provided an update on our Scottish joist factory. At the beginning of this year RML significantly expanded through the acquisition of ETFS, including the Fife-based joist factory. As our operations are now spread much more widely across the UK, the integration of these areas has been the key to success.

Whilst the initial induction of National Hickman employees to the RML way of operating has been progressing well, we are also working towards bringing together operations such as sales and call offs. Although the distance makes this a gradual process, the team in Scotland have been dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Carol Webb, Head of Production in Scotland, accredits the success of this change to the dedication of our Call-Off Team Leader Michelle Brayfield and Customer Experience Executive Amy Crook. Their consistent interaction has meant that the correct procedures are used so there is no impact to our customers. By using an integrated hub for all sales enquiries, we can also ensure a more seamless customer experience is delivered.

Carol has commented on the centralisation: “Making the decision to centralise customer experience and call offs frees up our talented designers to focus on our customers at the design and quotation stage. It also allows the production and transport departments to be more involved with the functions that naturally belong with them so we can provide the best service through every step of the journey.”
Both Michelle and Amy have worked hard to overcome initial operational issues and speed up their processes, which is greatly appreciated by Carol. The Production, Transport and Design team in Scotland are continuing to embrace the new changes and are looking forward to working more closely with the teams that are based South of the border.