Rushden Hospital Redevelopment with Kier Living

Update March 2017

Site are nearing completion of the installation of the first section of joists that were delivered last year. Due to the nature of the job and the building, there have been different challenges that have to be considered as the work progresses. Our team have been busy with:

  • Site visits to overcome challenges of the building’s structure have been an important factor on the job.
  • Site meetings with project managers and carpenters have been essential.
  • We will soon be measuring up for the final stage of the project.


The former Rushden Hospital on Wymington Road is currently under redevelopment by Kier Living, offering 116 new two, three and four bedroomed homes and a further 11 apartments and 3 townhouses within a refurbishment of the original hospital building.

Within the development the biggest challenges are in the original hospital building.

Because they could not guarantee the original joists are sound, Kier want to replace the existing floor, removing existing joists and use modern metal web Ecojoists® in their place. Not only does this allow for the easy installation of services and mechanical heat recovery systems, it also offers the best acoustic performance comfortably outperforming all UK building regulations.

  • The joists span large distances but need to maintain a fairly shallow joist, so we have designed 219mm and 254mm depending on the span.
  • There are three different levels to the building, first, second and third floors.

The design team at Robinson Manufacturing have been working closely with Kier Living to develop appropriate, high quality solutions to the challenges of redeveloping this magnificent old building.

“Converting older buildings to the needs of the modern homeowner presents a raft of challenges,” commented Robinson’s Floor Director Glyn Hilson. “This development in Rushden demonstrates how innovative products like the Ecojoist® can be put to work to provide high quality solutions.”

rushden_hospital_updateThe project has been ongoing through the second half of this year and we are pleased to offer the following update:

  • The second measure has taken place, by Matt Korny and Joe Roberts from our design team
  • Second floor joists to be supplied this week and next.
  • Internal existing floors have been removed leaving open voids through two stories.
  • Ecojoists and Trusses being fitted on new builds in site of the main hospital, as well as replacement floors inside the hospital.
  • Final measure to take place in the new year for remaining first floor section.

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