Roof Trusses Factory Experience

roof trusses factory

Roof trusses factory experience continues to be part of the team development programme at Robinson Manufacturing.

One designer has recently completed his time and tells us what he got out of the experience:

I really enjoyed days during my roof trusses factory. I could really get the knowledge how trusses that I design are manufactured later.

I realised that it is not that easy process as it looks. Most of the time I have spent handling timber coming from the speed-cut saw and tables where trusses ape put together into one piece.

I have learned there how important is designing as many same pieces as possible that trusses are made from. It means that symmetry and same size of timber as only possible is very important.

A huge amount of time is taken just to prepare the table according to each single truss. Basically, the more trusses from the same mark, the quicker the job is. It is important to design as little different truss marks as possible.

In this case symmetry and easy to understand pattern for factory workers is very important to make the preparation easier and quicker. It was worth to note how the press works. It is good when plates are aligned horizontally and vertically, what makes it easier for press operator.

Trusses are heavy so it is important to find the way not to use huge 3, 4 ply girder trusses.

I have spent a while working with metalwork preparation for deliveries. It gave me the view that it takes a lot of time to collect it. I think one of the most important point was to get to know with people who work in the factory. It is much easier to cooperate with people you know and you had a chance to work with before. The social network is always a good thing. It was with no doubts worth it to have that week factory experience because it is always good when you know how the thing you design is made.