Roof Truss Factory Experience for our Design Team

Roof Truss FactoryWe recently introduced a programme of roof truss factory work experience for members of our highly skilled design team.

Design Office Manager, Matt Korny explained why the programme was developed: “There are a number of reasons why we felt it was important to make sure our designers have experience of working in our factory.” he commented. “Most importantly, to improve the designer’s awareness of the importance of using the minimal amount of materials in a truss. This helps us to keep weights and costs down for our customers.” Other reasons for initiating the project included:

  • Encourage designers to think about how many different setups go into a set of manufactured roof trusses as well as how long the jobs take to setup and therefore potentially reduce the setup time.
  • Give an appreciation of how long it takes to manufacture a complete set of trusses.

One  designer wrote the following account of what he learnt:

“The first three days I spent in the factory I was helping out by the saws. Also stacking the cut timbers on trollies ready to go to the tables to get pressed. Initially I started by the large saw which can cut the timber efficiently with a high degree of accuracy. After a while I moved to the manual saw. The last two days I was helping out on the tables by picking out the required nailing plates and clamping the timbers into place ready to get pressed. I was also shown how to use the press. For a short while I was given the opportunity to press some splices.

“Overall the experience was worthwhile. I learnt a couple of things to help make my designs for efficient. I also got to know some of the guys down in the factory. Finally I gained an appreciation for how hard they work to get the trusses made”.

MD Mark Smy wanted the initiative to encourage better communication between design office staff and factory teams, and is pleased with the results. “It’s great to give the design team a real appreciation of the jobs that our factory staff do on a day to day basis, and we are already seeing the benefits of improved communication between the two parts of the company.”