Roof Refurbishments in Abercarn

As winter is now rapidly approaching, we have made it our priority to complete refurbishments that are essential to optimise working conditions and ensure there is no disruption to production. A key area of focus has been our Wales and West truss site in Abercarn, Wales, as the factory roof was in need of some refurbishment work.

Although the Abercarn factory has the aesthetic benefit of being nestled in Caerphilly cliffs and surrounded by greenery, damage has accumulated over the years via stones falling from the cliff walls.

However, RML are fortunate enough to have a dedicated team of maintenance workers that have stayed with us from Wolverhampton through the acquisition of National Hickman. Maintenance workers Steve Gwynne and Carl Aston managed the roof repairs and were extremely efficient in completing the work within 2 weeks.

This is only the beginning of refurbishment work for RML as there is construction currently underway for a new roof at Flooring Midlands and an extension in Cheshire. Abercarn are also greatly anticipating a new office building to give a more permanent working area for office staff and a more comfortable space for our factory operatives to enjoy on their breaks.

RML remain committed to the continuous improvement of our sites and working environments, with our employees all looking forward to the finished product.