Creating role progression for our Production Operatives

Sarah Horden – Head of Joist Design

Providing role progression for talented and dedicated employees is always an area RML look to develop. In order to maintain our high-quality manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction, recruiting hard working production operatives is essential.

Although there are often connotations between high labour turnover and production operative roles in the industry, we are proud to have a significant amount of long serving employees in production. There have been numerous occasions where talent and passion has been recognised by line managers, which opens opportunities for growth.

Kriss Lawley began working at our Flooring Midlands factory in September of 2016; in what was previously still under National Hickman’s ownership. His keen interest and capability in working with our I-Beams was soon noticed by Head of Joist Design Sarah Horden, as she comments below;

‘Kriss’s expertise in optimising the I-Beams was the reason I offered him a position in the design office. He has taken to the design software like a duck to water. He will also be assisting our colleagues at Flooring Central with Metal Web Joist design so we can optimise our lead times.’

This is an admirable example of how hard work can allow our employees can progress quickly within the business, as Kriss has already swiftly moved onto being cross trained across multiple products. After spending considerable time working as an operative and in the production office throughout the RML takeover, he had gathered pieces of knowledge around how floor designs would work. As he can now apply this to design, Kriss is enjoying the new experience in a different department.

To take this initial background knowledge further, Sarah has led Kriss’s induction and allowed him to practice interpreting customer drawings at his own pace. Having transitioned into this new role remarkably well, Kriss is enjoying the new challenge:

‘Having worked in different areas of the company I liked the idea of trying something new. I like to test my abilities and push myself so when I was asked about the possibility of coming into Design I was happy to take the step.’

Along with some members of our now established SLT team, many employees have proven their abilities and been promoted from production positions. It is incredibly rewarding to see these new skill sets develop in our employees and we continue to encourage them to pursue their future career path.

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