IMG_5120Firstly, the rapid growth of the company in the short period of time I have been here has been insane. We have had at least 6 people that I know of, from all different departments, joining Robinson Manufacturing in the journey of growth and success. From what I have heard, they have all had the same warm welcoming experience that I had the pleasure of going through when first joining. That is one thing that I have been extremely impressed with, the amount of help and support everyone gives each other in the work place. The relationship that everyone has together within the workplace is friendly and warming, as well as everyone puts their heads together to overcome any challenge; this makes getting up for work much easier.

This month we have had another apprentice join us and I am certain that he will feel welcomed and he will enjoy his experience as much as I have thus far. I have been informed that I will be spending some time with him and explaining to him what a usual day entails. As I am already going to be informing the new apprentice of a usual day at work I thought I could throw light upon the subject with my readers in next month’s blog.

It is safe to say that evidently I am no longer new at Robinson Manufacturing, as I knew I wasn’t the newest employee but I’m not even the newest apprentice. However, this is a great sign for the company as we are forever expanding to suit the demands in business we are receiving. Even with the result of the referendum which took place at the back end of this month, we are still aiming to thrive as a business and make great strides to a successful future. No journey to success is a straight line, it will always have its moments where the line will fluctuate, but we are confident that we will grow and I am happy to be a part of it.