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Robinson Manufacturing Staff Development Academies

Robinson Manufacturing Staff Development Academies

We continue the drive to be the best in class, for product, for engagement, for development and for leadership. We cannot, and will not, rest on our laurels. As a result, our training strategy goes beyond immediate needs to focus on the future aspirations of the business.

Mark Smy, MD, expanded: “We don’t just offer the vocational training to support individuals and teams in their day to day roles but take the long-term view of the skills and management structures Robinson Manufacturing will need in ten and more years’ time. Identifying and developing talent to meet these future needs is a cornerstone of our succession planning.”

Our three Academies are designed to develop our people to the next stage of their careers whilst focusing on business succession, identifying potential individual, and team development opportunities and stretching minds to cover more than just the normal day to day focuses.

  • The Apprentice Academy includes different challenges, skills and mindsets for the apprentices working in different departments across the business.
  • The Tomorrow’s Leaders Academy is a monthly forum for the senior leaders of tomorrow selected from across the business. This carries special projects and learning and again involves guest presenters from inside and outside of the business.
  • The Directorship Academy has been developed for those identified as having the potential to become the next leaders of RML. A regular forum investigating different styles of business learning and development as well as special projects involving strategy, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

All three academies were launched at the beginning of 2018 and are already having an impact on how those involved are thinking about their roles in the business as well as on the attitudes they display to short and long terms challenges presented by working in a high-growth business.

Those involved are excited by the opportunities for self development as well as seeing a positive impact on the future of the business:

“A chance to learn and prove my worth to the senior leadership team”

“An opportunity to not only grow as an individual but also as part of a team”

“The opportunity to learn other aspects of the business that I may not be part of to enable me to play a greater part in its future”

As with all investments we are measuring feedback as well as other outcomes. Here’s a few comments from Academy members so far:

Apprentice Academy:

“The fact that the company shows an equal desire to develop my skills alongside me shows me that I am valued within the company. The academy is useful as it develops team work, communication and confidence. I enjoy the things we wouldn’t do in a day to day working environment, such as developing, writing and editing the company’s internal newsletter, collecting news from all the various branches of the company. I hope to improve my strengths further and to reduce my weaknesses. This academy is very beneficial and I feel I have improved since beginning the tasks that we have been set as part of the programme.” Cameron H

“In my opinion I strongly believe that the apprentice academy has really developed all of our abilities within our job role and has helped us gain new skills that can be used elsewhere. We are currently creating an internal newsletter and its very interesting to see how us apprentices all work together to bring news to everyone across the 4 factories about what others have accomplished. I have really enjoyed showing what I do day to day to people that may not know me.” Lauren H

Tomorrow’s Leaders

“So far I have enjoyed all of the activities we have been tasked with and spending some time alongside likeminded, driven, members of staff. I hope to learn more about myself and where and how I could best put my skills to use in a senior role.” James B

“This brings employees together from all locations who would not usually interact on an interpersonal basis which has given insight to how different parts of the business operate, and strengthened relationships. I personally enjoy feeling part of a wider opportunity and learning new skills which will power me to become more efficient in my employment. It is beneficial to me as I feel it is a platform for us all to learn from each other and to provide us with relevant, practical guidance to become ‘tomorrows leaders’.” Roxanne N

Directorship Academy

“My decision to apply to join the Directorship Academy was done without a second thought.  I’ve been with Robinson Manufacturing for 12 years now and I’m very proud of where the business is heading and feel confident that my input has helping in that process.   From a personal point of view, it’s great to see that the future leaders of the business are being thought about now, rather than at short notice.  It inspires confidence in the development processes at all staff levels.  The academy gives the six of us a chance to bond as a team, away from the pressures of the day to running of our respective departments.  So far we’ve had a very enjoyable day of tasks set from within the Academy as well as an extremely interesting session with Noel Woodgate who talked us through several challenges leaders face within development and will continue with us through several more sessions.  Through the upcoming sessions we have planned, I’m hoping to further develop my strengths in leadership while also continuing to strengthen the cohesion within the group for our future!” Mat H

“Having worked for Robinson Manufacturing Ltd for 18 years, gradually working my way up, I was honoured to have been selected for the Directorship Academy.  I have seen the company grow, and my own personal development has mirrored that transition.  To take that next step towards being a director is exciting. The sessions have been both enjoyable and informative.  The group has different strengths and weaknesses, but I feel we complement each other. I hope that I can absorb the knowledge and skills that are presented to me in order to be a leader of this organisation for many years to come.” Matt K