Robinson Manufacturing

Robinson Manufacturing Ltd specialises in high quality timber engineered Roof Trusses, Floor Joists (both I Beams and metal web joists) and Glulam Beams.

The business started as a division of Hilton Timber in 1986, and has continued to grow steadily since we formed Robinson Manufacturing in 1997 to focus on the manufacture of roof trusses and floor joists. We are proud to supply house builders, commercial property developers, architects and contractors nationally as well as regionally and locally.

The success of Robinson Manufacturing Ltd is built on the trust of our customers and the personal commitment of our outstanding people. The dedication of everyone who works at Robinson Manufacturing to customer satisfaction and quality, from design to delivery, is unrivalled, and includes:

  • Dedicated Customer Service Contacts and Ongoing Technical Support
  • Market Leading Design Team
  • Research and Innovation-Led Product Development
  • Commercially Efficient, Professionally Engineered Solutions
  • Ongoing Investment in Infrastructure, Design and Manufacturing Processes
  • Seven Large Manufacturing Facilities in Wolverhampton, Northamptonshire, Essex, Wales, Fife and Cheshire
  • In House Delivery Fleet
  • Pro-Active Environmental Programme to Meet Green Manufacturing Targets

The result is perfectly engineered products every time, for the smallest extension to the largest construction project – and customer relationships that last for decades.