You know what it’s like when you’re running a business, the changes happen incrementally. It’s like watching your kids grow up – you don’t notice how much they’ve grown until a visiting grandparent comments! And Robinson Manufacturing has been making many changes over the last 18 months since the management buyout. Many of our customers have commented on the improvements they like, but we thought it would be interesting to ask one of our team, Roxanne Newton, who has recently returned to the fold after 12 month’s maternity leave, what changes she can see.

“I am officially in my fourth week of returning to work after a year long maternity, and although a little more tired and a little less full of beans, in many ways it has been easy to slot back in right where I left off. The atmosphere throughout the office is still resonating a solid team vibe and I have been welcomed back with open arms, biscuits and many the cup of tea – I like to think they definitely missed me!

“The most difficult part of taking a year’s break was missing out on the exciting new developments that RML had plans for, and since coming back I’ve just about caught up to speed – new customers, new projects, new faces. The many changes that occurred during my absence whether operational, motivational, expansion and the introduction of many experienced and valued new colleagues has clearly given RML a new lease of life; and the presence of a  particularly strong team culture is evident now more than ever paying off both internally and externally.

“The office is demanding yet rewarding, and the estimating and design team have really pulled together to manage the increasing demand. Now in my 5th year, I have been with RML through many climates and I can honestly say I have by far returned to the best. The team have really made me feel welcomed and nurtured upon my return to work.”