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Introducing RML’s New Timber Frame Factory

You will have read about Robinson Manufacturing’s recent high-speed acquisition of the fixtures and assets of Castleoak Offsite Manufacturing Ltd.

Now we have had time to staff and organise the factory, we thought you might like to find out more about it and what this does to RML’s capacity.

The factory is, quite simply, huge, and very well equipped, with rows of timber frame production tables and all the equipment needed to manufacture high quality panels to any specification. Fully equipped with the latest saws, metal web joist and truss presses and all the mechanical lifting aides required to move components between workstations in a production line. This includes a gantry crane running the length of the factory which enables RML to move forward with our semi-closed and modular panel offerings.

There’s even a small showroom area where the different types of panels we manufacture are showcased for any customers to want to see the options in detail for themselves.

While we did buy the fixtures and assets rather than the whole business, we have been able to offer new positions to a number of staff from Castleoak, so the factory already has a team of experienced people who understand the systems and equipment. Our QESH team have been busy ensuring all appropriate induction and training is in place to RML’s high standards for production, which restarted a couple of weeks ago.

The facility is bright, spacious and has been kept clean & tidy to a meticulous standard. There is also plenty of room for expansion. RML’s Head of Timber Frame, James Stanbridge had this to say: “This factory is a game-changer for RML’s timber frame business, accelerating the pace at which we had planned to expand our panel manufacturing. RML now has practically unrivalled capacity across its 8 sites nationwide.”

If you’re considering an off-site manufactured, high quality timber engineered solution for your construction project, contact our team who will be happy to discuss the options and how they might work for you.

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