RML Wales & West In Partnership With Community Wood Recycling

RML Wales & West are working with Community Wood Recycling, a network of wood recycling social enterprises providing an efficient collection service for waste wood. Robinson Manufacturing adopts a responsible management policy to minimise the effects our activities have on the environment, which is why the business has appointed CWR.

They aim to save resources by reusing and recycling waste timber whilst creating jobs, training, and volunteering opportunities for disadvantaged people.

Sustainability is the core benefit of using this service, as they promote the reuse and reduction of energy and pollution. The jobs that are created from increased demand in businesses looking for sustainable solutions is another advantage of working with CWR.

To help monitor waste and produce site waste management plans, CWR provide monthly reuse and recycling summaries of the wood we collect.

RML Facilities Manager Greg Farrar, discussed the importance of this latest partnership:

“The partnership with Community Wood Recycling has been a positive development in our sustainability journey. As Robinson Manufacturing are also keen on investing in people, it is also encouraging to see that by working with CWR, jobs are being created for people who need it most.”

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