RML Relishing Challenges

If we look back a year, Robinson Manufacturing Limited was in the early stages of moving from an enforced immediate crisis, to a driven recovery.  From top to bottom the support and communication levels throughout the organisation were higher than they have ever been, at a time when we were being forced to isolate from one another.  As always, we met the demands of our customers with careful planning, determination, and a great deal of hard work.  Resilient as a group, and focused on returning to normality.

Whilst it was a time for togetherness, and reactive action, it was also a good opportunity to look at the data, develop critical insights, and learn lessons for the future.  We all wanted to return to normality, but would, or indeed should normality look the same ever again?  Disruption on some level seems a weekly inevitability.  Whether it is a lockdown, material shortages, supply and demand price issues, barriers to recruitment and new regulations to name but a few. 

What is apparent is that the response to disruption needs to be rapid, and effective.  Resilience throughout the supply chain is key for everyone’s success, and the ability to work together.  As an organisation, we consistently look to remove internal silos, and encourage team integration.  Our strategic goals are made up of coordinated tactics at all levels within the business to ensure we remain focused on what is important.

Demand is the current challenge we face, but one which we of course relish.  The demand for materials to be delivered to site as a percentage of our overall order bank is higher than we have ever seen it, and has recently been over 3 times the normal seasonal level we would expect to see.  However, with that demand comes new data, new insights and new lessons.  It presents new opportunities to model, predict and plan. 

With our Customers’ expectations firmly at the centre of everything we do, we will take that opportunity and move on to further success, and even greater levels of continued excellence. 

Matt Korny, Head of Strategy

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