RML Flooring Midlands Signage

We are delighted with the new RML Flooring Midlands signage installed at our Wolverhampton joist factory last week – a clear and visible change from the National Hickman name after we acquired their joist manufacturing business in January this year.

The Wolverhampton site is large, spreading over several streets and includes  large office capacity as well as substantial storage facilities, yard space and manufacturing areas as you can see from the aerial photo at the bottom of this article. So there were quite a few buildings and access points that required new signs.

The transformation of the site is just the visible manifestation of the integration of National Hickman’s joist manufacturing business into Robinson Manufacturing:

“Everyone has been working really hard to bring the two businesses together,” explained Mark Smy, MD. “It’s good to see our name over the door as well as seeing the many positive results of the integration across the business.”

RML Flooring Midlands

RML Flooring Midlands signage