RML Flooring Midlands Capabilities

RML Flooring MidlandsRobinson Manufacturing Ltd (RML) is now one of the largest suppliers of i-beams in the UK and this is mirrored in the significant capacity of RML Flooring Midlands factory in Wolverhampton. This site is dedicated to cutting and fixing i-beams and is currently undergoing refurbishments to modernise the buildings and equipment.

In the various buildings within the Flooring Midlands site, joists are carefully cut to specific measurements outlined by our customers as standard procedure. What many people may not know is we also offer a pre-drilled service in which strategic holes are cut through the OSB web to allow for on-site servicing.

We know that time is precious for new housing developments and this service can dramatically reduce the time spent on site manually drilling these holes, thus making the joists much more versatile. Furthermore, pre-drilling also avoids the risk of damaging the joists on site and reducing their strength, which could increase overall costs and require another unnecessary order.

In addition to pre-drilling joists, we can also offer a pre-fixing service in which double joists are assembled and backer blocks fixed where required for the hanger connections. This preparation in our factory beforehand allows further time to be saved on site and an avoidance of errors.

For more substantial services such as MVHR and SVP, we can also install cost effective SHI stengthening plates which allow these services to run through the joist web in locations otherwise not permitted in an I-Joists system.