Richard Hartin has been in the roof truss industry since 1986 but two years ago decided to take a break and pursue something different.

“To be honest my heart always told me that I should have stayed in the roof truss industry, a career that I enjoyed and love so much so at the beginning of this year I decided it was time for me to return,” he explained. “The one big question I had was, coming from Northern Ireland, was whether there would be enough work out there for me to get my teeth into, as I always enjoyed being kept busy. After talking to a friend of mine, he told me he was working for a company in England while working from home, here in N. Ireland, the job he was doing is very similar to the one we do.”

roof truss industryRichard had heard of Robinson Manufacturing by reputation, and after a telephone conversation with Mark Smy the managing director, he booked a flight to England for that Monday morning to find out more about the opportunity.

Over the weekend before the flight, with further Google research on Robinson Manufacturing he discovered to his joy that Robinson Manufacturing use Gang Nail, a company that he considers to be the best in the roof truss industry, and has been using their software for over 20 years. Richard continues:

“As I parked my hired car at Robinson Manufacturing’s main office in Wellingborough full of nerves and excitement of what I was about to walk into, thinking to myself, that I had been out of the game for two years, and was I going to be able to prove myself to Robinson Manufacturing that I was capable of doing the job they requested of me.”

“After my week long stay with the company, I discovered that Google doesn’t know everything, the size and professionalism of their organization is unbelievable they leave no stone unturned to make their customers satisfied and becoming the best in your industry.”

“The staff and employees at Robinson Manufacturing made me so welcome at their offices over my week with them, I can only imagine the service they give to their customers and to my great delight they offered me a job as a roof truss designer, a position I gratefully accepted.”

“I have been with Robinson Manufacturing for three months now and loving every minute of it, to be working with such a professional and organised company who drive to become number one in customer service and manufacturing, I’m grateful to be a part of. Their portfolio of customers or some of the biggest builders in the UK, the size of their sites we in Ireland could only dream about. I’m only a small cog of many in the big engine of Robinson Manufacturing who strive to become the best in your business.”