Returning to work safely

Today saw Robinson Manufacturing begin our phased return to production, and you can see pictures of the first load leaving our Central Truss factory at Wellingborough this morning, destined for a Francis Jackson site at Northampton.

Although we are proud to be paying our furloughed staff 100% of their basic wages and continue to engage with them regularly, many have expressed their desire to come back to work as soon as possible. Detailed communication between our business development team, production and our customers has helped us structure the phasing of our return.

But of course it’s not as simple as just re-opening the factory. Social distancing, appropriate PPE, revised work instructions and provision of sanitisers have been vital to our ability to get this far.

It has been the responsibility of our Head of Health, Safety, Environment & Quality – Matt Davies – to ensure this is made possible but with social distancing and protective equipment in place.

In preparation for this phased return, Matt has been providing all employees with safety briefings to ensure they are fully aware of any possible risks and how these can be overcome. This includes precautions for site visitors and daily health questionnaires for employees.

Everyone attending work has been fully briefed in the necessary changes and fully equipped as required. Team supervision is playing a key role in mitigating all risks to an acceptable level and ensuring adherence.

With most of our production sites operating in separate work stations with vast space available, employees are able to easily keep the distance recommended. Along with close support from their Line Managers and our Senior Leadership Team, employees are reassured their health is the highest priority and they are able to voice any concerns.

We continue to monitor our situation with updated advice from the government and hope to gradually increase production levels when it is safe to do so. Along with continued engagement with staff working from home and those still furloughed (albeit on 100% of pay) we look forward to being reconnected with face-to-face contact as the situation improves.

Our first order returning to work for Francis Jackson Homes

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