Attracting & Retaining Talent

As a company, Robinson Manufacturing recognises the increasing need for flexibility within working patterns and we are willing to work alongside our employees to offer flexibility wherever possible. In addition to implementing role changes to retain talented staff and suit their capabilities, we also facilitate employees working remotely where appropriate.

Therefore, when one of our talented estimators Emmanuel Guerit requested to work remotely so his relocation to join his wife working in Kobe in Japan could be made possible, RML were open to enabling this change.

Head of HR Anna Kennedy has been part of supporting the change:

“As a company we know that to remain competitive attracting and retaining talent, we have to offer more flexible benefits. We also appreciate the positive impact it has on the lives and wellbeing of our employees to offer flexible working options.”

As a valued roof truss designer at our Central office, Emmanuel has been a key part of the team since starting his career with us in November 2014. Originally from France, Emmanuel has been able to bring a wealth of international designing experience since becoming involved with truss design 19 years ago.

The invaluable expertise and positive demeanour Emmanuel has brought to the business meant that we were keen to enable him to stay in his role despite the long distance. Through completing the move to live with his Japanese wife of 6 years, Emmanuel will be able to design from home and maintain a sustainable work-life balance.

By staying in the same role, Emmanuel is appreciative that he is able to continue utilising his talents and learn Japanese at a more gradual rate instead of the added pressure sourcing a job immediately would bring.

As well as being able to continue using the same software and communicating with our team in Wellingborough, Emmanuel is looking forward to the challenges the international move may bring. Although there is an 8-hour time difference between the UK and Japan, Emmanuel is happy to adjust his work schedule around this and knows his colleagues will support him through this change.

While every case is treated individually, we are thrilled to be able to support Emmanuel with a remote working option that means he can meet his family commitments without needing to sacrifice his career and talents. The move will be going ahead in December and – although Emmanuel will be missed – we’re looking forward to hearing about his new lifestyle.