Resourcing the Summer

As the cold weather returns and we’re reminded that we do in fact live in a cold country, it spells the start of the evenings drawing in and shorter working days on site.  During the winter months we naturally expect work loads to ease across the business, while the summer is the opposite.  Increased workload coupled with the holiday season means that the factories are often running at high capacities with fewer staff available.

This year, Robinson Manufacturing took the opportunity to bring in additional labour from the abundance of students on their summer break, keen to reduce debt levels and increase their work experience.

Philippa Davies joined the Production office to help manage the increased rate of call offs and Rory Smith joined the roof truss manufacturing team at Wellingborough to help with the holiday cover.  Philippa effortlessly picked up the various roles required with the production office and Rory proved to be a valued member of the team. Hopefully both will be around next summer!

The benefit for the students was that it gave them an agreed period of guaranteed work at attractive rates while for Robinson Manufacturing, it provided committed labour at a vital time in the year.

Overall the trial was a success and something that will be repeated next year.

Matt Harbour
Head of Production