Reflecting on 2019

Reflecting upon the past year of operating for RML, 2019 has without a doubt been a period to remember in the company’s growth. Below we take a look back on the most significant milestones and events of 2019 that will shape the way we are able to progress in 2020.

Acquisition of ETFS

By beginning last year with the acquisition of the ETFS business within National Hickman, RML had almost doubled overnight. With a newly increased I-Beam capacity following the gain of their manufacturing premises in both Wolverhampton and Fife, there were significant efforts put into merging the business with RML.

Our capabilities in supplying I-Beams to National Housebuilders have increased dramatically as a result of this additional capacity and we have been able to widen our customer base. These new factories are now completely integrated with RML and our communication with Senior Leaders at both locations remains strong. In addition, RML have since been recognised for the management of this process by securing the ‘Finance Transaction of the Year’ award at the Finance Awards in November.

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Growing the RML Family

Acquiring ETFS brought a large and talented workforce into the business, who we have since provided extensive guidance to in regards to how we operate. Reflecting on how we have developed since this acquisition, our customer experience team in Wolverhampton is now at the core of our business in terms of how we interact more efficiently with customers.

Our headcount continues to grow and this progressed impressively throughout 2019; going from 114 at 2018-year end to 223 as 2019 drew to a close. There is due to be another increase to this number very soon with the Roof Profiles Ltd acquisition and we look forward to expanding the RML family further.


The passing of our founder Tim Robinson

Shortly after the acquisition in February we sadly and unexpectedly lost our founder Tim Robinson. All RML employees were incredibly shocked and moved by his passing and many shared their admiration for him as an inspirational leader, boss and friend. He continues to be at the core of everything RML does and his values will live on as we work to honour his name.

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Continuous learning and development

With the induction of so many new employees, 2019 was a year of learning and development for senior leaders and new starters alike. Our ‘Back to the Floor’ scheme saw employees from various departments such as HR and Customer Experience take to the factory floor and learn our key manufacturing processes. This gave the employees in question a much deeper understanding of our daily operations, which could then be relayed to our customers.

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Expanding our fleet

As production levels increased in 2019, our fleet inevitably needed to expand to accommodate the number of orders received from all corners of the UK. Our fleet number has increased from 11 to 23 vehicles since the beginning of 2019, ensuring throughout that we are keeping up with modern vehicle technology and making our drivers as comfortable as possible. This doubling of our fleet size across the year has increased our presence on the roads and we aim to maintain this growth in the year ahead.


A year for sponsorships

2019 has also been a busy year for sponsorships, with agreeing deals alongside Coventry Rugby and the WhatHouse Awards.

After an insightful year from attending the WhatHouse Awards in 2018, RML took the step sign a three-year deal to continue sponsoring the Best Medium Housebuilder Category. Taking pride in our industry, this is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to promote excellence in the housebuilding sector. We congratulate the winners of the Best Medium Housebuilder Category and look forward to the next annual event in November.

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Furthermore, in July we agreed a 3-year sponsorship agreement with Coventry Rugby; encompassing their main first team, the new wheelchair rugby team, kid’s camps and the Project 500 programme. We have been able to see the impact our partnership has meant to the team’s development, especially in the case of wheelchair rugby as we found first hand through interviewing their inspirational coach. We continue to initiate and take part in events with the club that strengthen our partnership and mirror our company values.

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It is clear to see from these progressions that 2019 has been a monumental year for RML in growth and development. Our team are extremely enthusiastic about the year ahead and new avenues the company may enter, whilst continuing to provide excellent customer service.