Reduction in emissions for our fleet


Earlier this year we embarked on a new environmentally friendly motive to achieve a reduction in our CO2 emissions. We have now installed 3 electric vehicle charging points at our Truss Central factory in Wellingborough, with more sites to follow. 

Despite these points being put into action a short period before lockdown, we have still been able to see results from our vehicles as production has been resumed. Our Senior Leadership Team continually travel to all of our sites to keep contact and allow feedback from employees. This has meant a significant amount of miles are required and it is important to us to minimise our effects on the environment.

The chart below shows the reduction in emissions we have already achieved, with this to dramatically increase once our operations return to normal levels:

With a saving of 716kg of CO2 saved, it is great to see the positive impact we are already having and look forward to replicating this as more points are installed. This investment allows us to add more electric vehicles to the fleet and travel further without the concern around our environmental impacts.


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