Field Technical Manager Dean Thomas is back at work and reconnecting with sites

Field Technical Manager – Dean Thomas

Our Field Technical Manager Dean Thomas is regularly visiting sites to assist with any queries and provide any additional ancillaries they may require. As many developments temporarily closed and Dean was consequently on furlough leave, he has been eager to get back to work and begin reconnecting with our customers on sites.

Always a friendly face and with vast product knowledge behind him, Dean has made great working relationships with Site Managers across the country. Although there are now more safety precautions to take into account, Dean is still providing his support from a safe distance.

After already visiting sites in Kent, Exeter and Oxfordshire, Dean has been glad to see how seriously sites are taking their safety precautions. With only one worker permitted per plot, sanitising stations present throughout the site and a limit on people in their offices, it is clear to see our customers have the same values as RML when it comes to safety.

Sites have also implemented similar measures to our offices when it comes to visitors and all employees on the premises. Dean has been required to carry out inductions and a questionnaire on sites visits to evaluate his health before entering and ensure he is aware of the procedures they are taking. With this and the signage across the site, Dean noticed the atmosphere was very positive and relaxed as employees feel safe.

Whilst Dean provides advice on installation and provides ancillaries, he is also always checking on our service levels and lead times to ensure we are offering the best customer experience possible. After every visit Dean makes, he fills out a report about the help he was able to give, feedback from Site Managers and anything else that may need addressing. This allows us to make positive changes as a result and we look forward to increasing contact with customers in the near future.


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