Recruiting internally and recognising employee potential

recognising employee potentialAt RML recognising employee potential is a natural thing to do and we always champion employees who want to develop their skills and gain as much knowledge as possible around business operations. So it follows that recruiting internally is an avenue we explore where there is an opportunity to do so.

Transferring over from our Customer Experience team to the design department, our newest trainee joist designer Sam Burns is a prime example of how RML develops employee’s skillsets. Based at our Flooring Midlands site in Wolverhampton, Sam has progressed rapidly in his new role and has already achieved special nominations for his contributions to the team.

In March of this year RML Sam joined our Customer Experience team after being made redundant from National Hickman, so many of his colleagues are well known to him from before RML acquired ETFS.

Despite enjoying his role in Customer Experience and his experience in order processing and sales, Sam was keen to expand his skillset. Head of Joist Design Sarah Horden joined us in March of this year from National Hickman and is expanding the joist design department, so approaching Sam for a role change seemed like an ideal opportunity.

Sam’s passion for design was already present and he had already initially interviewed for a design role when beginning his career with National Hickman almost five years ago. As we were able to swiftly fill Sam’s position in Customer Experience, there was no hesitation in beginning his design training and he quickly settled in.

Sarah has played a key part in Sam’s smooth transition:

‘We have many experienced designers who were on hand to help Sam, as well as training from our joist supplier. Sam has taken to design like a duck to water and with the support from the team he will soon be signed off.’

Sam also commented on settling into his new role and his motivation behind the change:

‘I’m still learning more information daily but overall I think I have taken this role on board well. I find design really interesting and I believe it helps knowing what other departments do so you can tailor your work load to help them.’

The success of Sam’s role transition is something RML will always seek to replicate, as we have seen the operational benefits of improving business knowledge amongst our employees. We wish the best of luck to Sam in his new role!