Quality More Than Just A Badge

When was the last time you were cut up on the road? Did you ask yourself why it’s only the roadworthiness of the car and not the driver which are periodically checked?

Thankfully in our industry, a number of schemes are in place to help you ensure your customer journey is a safe and regulated affair.

Many of Robinson Manufacturing Ltd’s customers have invested in the confidence and assurance their end users deserve by setting out clearly defined quality, safety and sustainability targets. By asking ourselves and other suppliers to pass through these ‘risk gateways’, they stipulate the excellence as standard ethos we place in such high esteem.

The foundations of our own quality standards come from the many decades of experience woven into the fabric of Robinson Manufacturing Ltd. For example, founder and chairman Tim Robinson and Managing Director Mark Smy have more than fifty years between them as through and through timber men. As well as this, our products have the quality to conform with many independent certification standards to augment the level of confidence our customers place in our high-quality engineered timber trusses and joists.

For many years, we have been members of the Trussed Rafter Association which “is committed to stringent standards of quality and service”. As well as bringing this benchmark for the industry, the TRA provides technical and industry guidance via their committee.

A membership requirement of the TRA is conformance with a recognised quality management system. In this area we were proud to achieve the transition to the ISO 9001:2015 standard six months ahead of plan earlier this year. The ISO’s system is another accepted benchmark recognised by many large organisations in the construction industry. For example Robinson Manufacturing customer Kier Living reference it in their own quality assurance policy.

Notwithstanding uncertainty surrounding Brexit (read the thoughts of our COO Simon Kidney on the subject here), CE Marking is a requirement for products where directives/regulations have been adopted in the UK; these include construction products.

The CE Mark label indicates you can have confidence a product meets all the necessary requirements of the directives applicable. That confidence is shared by Trading Standards Services and the Health and Safety Executive who help to enforce correct use and standards. Indeed, failure to comply with standards requires a product be taken off the market. Both our trusses and joists carry the CE Mark. Just as you wouldn’t plug in an electrical product without the mark since it could be a fire hazard, would you risk the roof of a new home sitting on top of unmarked trusses?

The environmental policy of RML customer Persimmon Homes highlights their stakeholders ‘are interested in how we manage our impact on the environment’, so too are we in terms of the origin of the raw materials we use. For a number of years, Robinson Manufacturing Ltd have been members of the PEFC. Sustainably managed forests provide many of the elements necessary for life on earth. Moreover, wood is renewable and one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials available.

Environmental labels like PEFC allow companies to visibly communicate a commitment to customers. It’s a flag reminding your customers that you think about environmental, social and economic impacts and balance profit, planet and people not just now, but for generations to come. Not to mention the recognition of the principle of free, prior and informed consent, the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and the ILO Convention. The PEFC badge is a trusted sign that supply chain management at building firms and main contractors alike only choose certified wood from sustainably managed forests. Corporate sustainability leaders also know that their choice of forest products has a direct impact on forests and communities around the world.

For Robinson Manufacturing Ltd standards are more than a badge. They are a culture which our facilities throughout the UK embrace enabling our customers to buy with confidence.