Quality Assurance Measures & Processes

At Robinson Manufacturing, the quality assurance process starts before the raw materials even reach our factories, with regular due diligence checks completed on our suppliers to ensure that the goods we receive are from legal and sustainable sources. We are proud to have attained PEFC Certification and request PEFC timber from suppliers at point of order. Upon delivery of the timber accreditations are again checked from the delivery paperwork to ensure compliance.

At commencement of production the timber is checked for damage, wane, cupping, warping, twisting and bowing. Non-conforming wood is rejected at this point. Once the timber reaches the saw we moisture check to ensure that the content is below 22% for trusses and 20% for metal web joists. We also check the first cut of every job to ensure accuracy of the saw.

Throughout construction of the products, a Quality Assurance Leader (QAL) is based at every work station to ensure that EN14250 and ETA20/1176 standards are complied with every step of the way. Production paperwork is documented throughout, confirming all the quality checks that have been completed. These are stored for a minimum of ten years. Once the first truss or metal web joist from a job is completed, the QAL will give it a full and thorough check to ensure it meets our standard prior to further production; this ensures that the plant equipment and tools are calibrated correctly. When confirmed, the QAL marks the product with his or her personal stamp. We then check a minimum of at least 20% of products within any given job. The use of this stamp gives us traceability of any product to exactly where it was produced and the team who manufactured it.

To further ensure the quality assurance process is being adhered to, Production Managers audit the process each week and have their own individual stamps to identify the jobs that they have personally checked. Further audits are undertaken monthly at each site by the Senior Leadership Team.

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