Q & A with Aimee Steadman: Customer Resolution Executive

Aimee joined Robinson Manufacturing originally in 2018 as a Sales Advisor. After taking Maternity leave Aimee’s role developed into becoming a Customer Resolution Executive, here Aimee details her experience working at RML:

Can you tell me about what your role entails at RML?

In my role as a CRE, I am tasked with managing the new PRO system we have in place to track customer requests and queries. Any customer questions will be relayed to me, I will then identify the correct department and person to provide the resolution and see the task through to completion.

How have you found the move from sales to CRE?

It has been an amazing learning curve and is really suited to my nature as I love the satisfaction of helping our clients. It was a real fresh start for me and an opportunity to work on a new system that I learnt about alongside the wider team, which was a huge positive for me having not long come back from taking maternity leave.

What other departments within the business do you interact with most frequently?

I interact with the production department mostly and have weekly meetings with the senior leadership team. Dean Thomas is also a key point of contact for me and supports a lot of the work I do in this role.

As well as this each department has a PRO champion, so my communication throughout the business is quite wide-reaching.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your role?

While I have relished the opportunity to develop and change my role, coming back from a period of leave and starting something new has certainly contained its challenges.

What advice would you give to someone looking at a career with RML?

If you are prepared to work hard, but enjoy your role and keep the company values at the core of what you are doing then that is the key to success when working here. It is extremely rewarding, and if you are keen to work with us I would certainly recommend keeping an eye on our LinkedIn page.

And finally, what are your thoughts on the gender balance within the construction industry?

I feel the industry as a whole is moving towards a more balanced representation of both genders, however, I feel there is still work to be done. Specifically at RML, I am really pleased and encouraged to see more and more women in the company and their efforts towards bringing more women into construction.

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