Protecting Workplace Exposure Limits


As part of our responsibility to safeguard employee well being in the workplace, we have a regular monitoring procedure to evaluate the workplace environment and exposure limits. The nature of manufacturing can often result in increased exposure to excessive noise or dust, which could have negative long term health effects.

Our health and safety team are dedicated to staying proactive in monitoring this exposure and limiting any harmful factors to production employees. In addition to maintaining an extractor system for improved ventilation on the factory floor, we have recently had a visit from the RPS group to measure both dust and noise exposure levels.

Exposure monitoring is measured against workplace exposure limits (WEL’s), which are concentrations of hazardous substances in the air, averaged over a specified time period. After carrying out these checks, we are informed of our score against the WEL’s and given recommendations for any further improvements.

Due to our maintained extraction system, we met all requirements for dust exposure levels. This provides peace of mind for employees and avoids the risks of occupational asthma which can occur in high level environments. As timber is cut with a number of electric saws, there can be exposure to noise for employees on the factory floor. Although we already take precautions to protect the hearing of employees working on this equipment, there have been recommendations made to make further improvements for all staff, which will be implemented in a timely manner.

We value the importance of these checks to educate our teams further around how the working environment can be optimised for the protection of our employees. In addition to safeguarding employees as a priority, minimising these workplace exposure elements can also bring the benefits of improved efficiency through reducing sickness absence.

In the same way as these regular exposure checks protect our production employees, Head of HSEQ Matt Davies continues to implement display screen equipment (DSE) risk assessments for employees regularly working with computers. Matt and his team are then able to identify any issues and plan measurable actions to resolve these risks.


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