Protecting The Safety Of Our Employees

protecting staffIn common with an increasing proportion of businesses in the construction sector, one of the many ways we protect the safety of our employees is our drug and alcohol policy.

This increased usage of drug and alcohol policies and testing programmes in the construction industry is about more than demonstrating their commitment to health and safety – in many ways, no different from marketing out the factory floor and training staff where it’s safe to walk. Used properly, these programmes make the link between the working environment and productivity and engagement, reducing mistakes, accidents (and near misses) as well as short term absence levels.

The benefits to businesses are many and include:

  • Positive impact on productivity
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Of course a consistent and random testing process can be difficult to carry out. However, when the purpose and benefits are communicated properly, it is easier for employees to understand the importance of the process. It is also a way to support employees wellbeing as the policy ensures that the company will offer support for employees that seek assistance for a dependency.