Prospect Farm Monxton

This is a one-off job where the clients are building their own house at Prospect Farm, Monxton, in rural Hampshire.

The Design team at Robinson Manufacturing have worked closely with the client’s architect to ensure lengths and details are correct for this complex project, which includes an ambitions central walkway and gallery. Some of the details required careful planning:

  • There are a number of different steel-to-joist intersections at differing heights within the floor.
  • It was decided that trimmable ends to be notched into the steel was the best option.
  • Detail K (joists notched into steel) meant that additional steel noggin material was supplied.
  • Hangers were fitted prior to joists arriving on site.

The project incorporated a total of 271 metal web joists – each 304mm deep. To keep the bounce out of the floor and prevent creaks, reduced centres were used in the design.

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