The central theme of this month’s blog is the projects I have been involved in, to help better the company and allow Robinson Manufacturing to progressively grow.

A big project I have been recently dictating is the social media research project. The purpose of this project is to gain knowledge of what social media, if any, our customers use for either personal of business purposes. The way in which this has been done is when communicating with customers (phones, emails etc), we simply ask them the question as to whether they use social media and if so, which one. The customers we ask range from one off self builders all the way to national house suppliers, this way we get a broader analysis of all of our customers because they are all equally important.

Live Chat

In addition, I have also continuously been in control of the company’s live chat system which has recently been implemented. This requires me to keep watching over the chats and to be prepared to answer any questions that may be asked competently and know where to direct people accordingly. Mainly the questions asked on the chat are by self builders and just general technical information, such as the maximum joist depth we can supply.

At the end of the month the time comes where we have our monthly marketing meeting, which I have to provide everyone attending with an overall analysis on the activity of the live chat. This includes the length of the chats, the conversion rate, the average rating and the frequency of the chats. Therefore, prior to this I have to collate all the information needed from the live chats and put them into a spreadsheet to present them to everyone in the meeting and give an overall indication on how the business is doing through the live chat.

Thus far, these are the projects that are undergoing that I am heavily involved in with many more in the pipeline.