The ball has started rolling very quickly at college over the past month and i have found myself progressing rapidly. We have be given two assignments already, one being construction maths and the other being health and safety. We are given a number of different questions and scenarios that need answering or resolving within the deadline of 3/4 weeks. These assignments contribute significantly to my overall Diploma grade that I will receive upon completion of my apprenticeship in two years time. Honestly, they are proving to be harder than I anticipated, but that is not a bad thing as they are providing me with new challenges and allowing me to learn and progress at a rapid rate. As well as the assignments, the in house teaching in college is in much more depth now, as we have moved on from all the introductory lessons. We are currently learning in depth about excavations and the construction of a building from foundations up and what affects the build of a house, such as the soil type etc. This is all very interesting because most of it was unknown to me and I am learning a lot each week, which is extremely transferable and helpful for when I am at work for the rest of the week.

Alongside my college work picking up, I have also started to regularly produce floor joist quotes for customers. Initially, I thought I would be asked to just produce quotes for small one off buildings but I was very wrong. I have produced quotes for two large sites that have a value of over £50,000, with one being over £110,000. Hopefully in the foreseeable future, an order will convert for any one of the projects I have quoted, allowing me to finally make bring in some orders and money to the company. I am currently working on a site in Rugby and I will be looking forward to sending this to the customer and see how this site progresses.

Overall, November has been a pretty intense month with lots of deadlines needing to be met and work to be juggled, but I’ll get there in the end.