Profile – Roxy Newton, Problem Solver

Appreciating and utilising talented employee’s skills is paramount to a company’s development, especially when the employees in question have been with the business for a long period of time. A prime example of this is our Project & Operations Co-ordinator Roxanne Newton, who liaises with almost all areas of the business on a daily basis.

From beginning her time at RML as an Office Administrator 8 years ago, Roxy has been on an extensive journey of learning and development. By quickly moving into sales, all customer needs and product knowledge soon became second nature. As a pro-active learner, Roxy has identified gaps in her knowledge and taken actions to rectify them, such as working at our Flooring Central office to learn more around joists. This is especially important following the recent acquisition of the ETFS business from National Hickman that brought joists to the forefront of our core business.

Rotating through various job roles – including spending numerous periods with the call off team – has given Roxy the opportunity to broaden her product and systems knowledge to the extent where there aren’t many problems she can’t solve.

This variation in business perspective has allowed Roxy to communicate with a much wider range of our stakeholders such as Site Managers to fully understand their requirements from us. Taking this forward to the future, we have been able to improve the methods and systems that allow us to communicate with all customers alike.

A particular member of our team that is always one to sing Roxy’s praises is our Head of Operations Andreya Ashwell. As Andreya is reasonably new to her role after transferring from HR following maternity leave, Roxy has been an invaluable source of knowledge to support operational decision-making. Andreya particularly values Roxy’s ability to quickly get to the root cause of any issue and suggest potential improvements to provide long term stability.

As Roxy is completely comfortable with the customer enquiry process from previously working in sales, a vital and recent project of hers has involved supporting the customer experience team. Always at the end of the phone, Roxy is a key contact for all operational and customer experience queries. In addition to this, she is currently developing some visual knowledge transfer aids to ensure smooth induction of all new starters to the business.

The future of RML certainly looks bright with employees continuously carrying out additional education in their fields, and Roxy is an advocate of this. Through balancing the completion of a Project Management course, graduating from a Business Management Degree and looking after her two much-loved children, Roxy has been proven as a proficient multitasker. Putting theory into practice allows growth both personally and professionally, whilst ensuring that Roxy has the flexibility to assist with almost all areas of the business in the future.