Production Update

As a key supply chain partner to your organisation, Robinson Manufacturing Ltd (RML) reach out to you in order to provide an understanding of the current challenges we are experiencing in supplying floor joists and associated products to the industry.

It is important to stress immediately that our internal capacities remain robust and able to cope with the current demand, and indeed higher demand in the future.  However it is also our responsibility to provide any additional context that may be affecting our ability to supply to our own very high standards.

As a business, we are dedicating significant amounts of additional time and resource to manage on a daily basis our manufacturing lines, supply chains and logistics.  We capacity plan based on intelligence, and as such have just completed our supply strategy on JJI and metal web joists through until January 2022, in order to provide key information to building sites, across all customers and all regions.  As you can appreciate, this is quite an undertaking and occasionally, our reliance on other parts of the supply chain disrupts our carefully developed plans.

As you will be aware, our biggest current challenges are the supply of P5 chipboard flooring, and the driver shortage which is impacting the UK in general and our sector in particular.  National demand for P5 chipboard and other similar products used in construction has meant that product allocation from our suppliers has been in play for some time.  This, coupled with a more recent shortage of melamine (a key component of P5 chipboard flooring), has now unfortunately meant that our allocation from Egger has been reduced further, until further notice.  As you can appreciate, this will now require additional resource allocation and planning in order to once again provide delivery certainty to our customers.  Whilst our ability to deliver product to site with our extensive team of internal drivers is strong, we are experiencing delayed deliveries of product into our yards, with very little notice and time to react and plan.

We of course have the capacity to deliver complete Joist sets, without chipboard, within short lead times.  However, in order to best support board and none-board customers equally, we are carefully planning the workload in line with our allocation daily, and in order to supply the most urgent sets of joists to our customers, across the UK, as and when required.  We will look to assist wherever necessary, but our ability to do so relies on these external factors, and a certain amount of understanding from our valued customers.  We thank you for your co-operation in this challenging period, and look forward to a time where the entire supply chain is once again firing on all cylinders.

Thank you for your continued business, support and engagement in these very unusual times.­­­­­

Matt Korny
General Manager
September 22nd, 2021

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