Production Team and Kickstarters

As we move into the new year, Robinson Manufacturing will be continuing to develop our kickstart programme and welcome many more enthusiastic young people into the business. As well as office-based roles, many more places for the production team have been filled across our various sites across the UK.

Head of Production Oversight Darren Cross has been a key part of the recruitment process for the kickstart programme, ensuring that we bring the right employees into the business who will benefit from this experience. This is especially important as the opportunity may arise to offer kickstart placements a permanent role following their initial 6 months in the business.

We have now appointed 16 Production based kickstart employees based across 7 sites, with 6 of these supporting production from an administrative role. In addition to the career development benefits for each new starter, the programme has been a great opportunity for the business to meet strong demand through an increased workforce. Even in the early stages of the scheme, Head of Truss Production Mat Harbour has been able to recognise these benefits:

“The Kickstart scheme has given RML the opportunity to create new roles within the department and support existing, established positions.  With the aim to ensure that the roles are completely new means that it’s possible to fully explore the needs of the department, rather than the limit of our team.”

Introducing new starters into the business has also been beneficial for more established members of the team to take on more responsibility through training. To improve efficiency and ensure a clear chain of command, there have been five new team leader roles created on the factory floor to lead the teams and report back to management.

Staying true to our values of recognising opportunities for role development, four of these five roles have been filled by existing employees. As well as the experience and familiarity with processes these employees can bring to their role to improve efficiency, promoting internally brings increased morale to the working environment.

As Darren oversees the role development for our production employees, these team leader promotions have been a key milestone:

“The introduction of Team Leader roles in the Joist factories gives additional support to the Production Supervisors as our business grows and adds an additional step for developmental and progression opportunities for our colleagues to aspire to”

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