There are numerous different shapes and sizes of roof trusses and we will over the coming months introduce you to the most common truss profiles – this time the King Post Truss.  The selection of truss shape is dependent on span, loadings, rafter alignment and timber size limitations.  It is therefore best left to us (the designer and fabricator) to decide on the profile to be used.  All of our trusses are manufactured using high grade TR26 timber imported from Scandinavia and are therefore incredibly strong and hard wearing.

The first trusses we will look at will be duopitch trusses, which essentially means there is a pitched rafter on either side of the truss profile.

The smallest and simplest of the duopitch trusses is the King Post Truss.

A King Post Truss is made up of a bottom chord of timber, two pitched rafters and a central web which passes load down from the ridge to the bottom chord.  King Post trusses span up to 4.5m in length and are used primarily in house and garage construction.

In our next blog we will look at the Queen Post Truss.

For more information on applications where we recommend the King Post Truss or to talk to any of our design experts, just call us on 01933 279597.

king post truss