Pricing Certainty in Volatile Times

With raw material prices rapidly on the rise due to high demand and low supply, a relatively weak and unstable pound, and uncertainty surrounding shipping costs, it becomes very difficult for manufacturers like Robinson Manufacturing (RML) to offer long term pricing stability to consumers. 

In such volatile and unprecedented times, new methods of pricing need to be considered, and RML is pleased to be in a position to offer longer term fixed increases to stabilise pricing for housebuilders as far as possible.

Head of Business Development, Mark Gibson, explained the popularity of this innovative pricing arrangement: “In the context of rapidly increasing timber prices, Purchasing Teams from many of the country’s national housebuilders are responding very well to the opportunity to fix their price rises for either 6 months or 12 months, giving their businesses some certainty on pricing in what are volatile times in terms of raw materials and supply issues.”

At RML we see huge potential for new and dynamic supply partnerships that deliver efficiency, quality, and value throughout the chain, and where Purchasing Teams have the chance to choose what is most important to them. 

It is our strong belief that as an industry we should buck the trend, change the way we work to the benefit of all, analyse the data and have the conversations. We should continue to strive to support each other’s best interests, engage and mitigate risk, and provide a reliable and efficient supply chain to the end user with added value every step of the way. 

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