Pre-Drilling and Pre-Fixing for I-Joists

Have you ever considered pre-drilling and pre-fixing i-joists? As one of the UK’s largest i-joist manufacturers, Robinson Manufacturing offers i-joist pre-drilling services, as well as pre-fixing to housebuilder specifications and giving them three great benefits over standard i-beams:

Build Time

An average plot takes 90 mins to be pre-drilled and fixed, this time is huge for house builders, especially when multiplied across the number of units on larger sites.

Cost Reduction

You can add cost savings to the time savings already achieved when installing pre-drilled i-joists  by reducing the amount of plumber and chippie time you need to put into each unit.

Ready to Fit

Pre-fixing options include RML pre-fitting double and triple i-beams to make sure that the I-clips, backers and fillers required for hangars are fitted in the correct places. This ensures chippies on site fit all the components in the correct places for peace of mind that the joists are structurally sound to the design we have produced.

As focus on lower carbon footprints for new homes increases, Robinson Manufacturing’s pre-drilling and pre-fixing  service allows for MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) ducting as well as other services to be fed through holes quickly and efficiently, with no loss of structural integrity

We think it’s time to think about pre-drilling and pre-fixing fixing i-joists for a faster, more commercial build, with all holes/fixing made to NHBC standards.