Policy Review

Behind the scenes at RML we recognise the importance of keeping policies and procedures up to date to ensure legal compliance as well as transparency between employer and employee. The process of revising procedures to ensure we are in line with legislation is continuous, and as the world changes, incorporating new policy needs is critical, and we have just completed a full review. Just as important is ensuring that these policies are easily accessible to staff wherever they are based across the country.

While many policies are about ensuring our teams understand and respect company procedures, the importance of those covering Stress at Work, Mental Health, Young Worker (KickStart) and Whistleblowing cannot be overemphasised.  Placing these policies centrally in our operation ensures that management and staff alike prioritise the wellbeing of all our employees.

The visibility of company policies is another aspect we have given weight to – they are no use if they can’t be accessed easily by anyone who needs them. All RML’s policies are therefore published and available to all staff on the company’s intranet. Every employee has access to the intranet, from their offices, from their COVID-safe rest areas and even on their smartphones. 

Head of Production Oversight, Darren Cross, has led the most recent review: “Reviewing policies may not sound like the most exciting thing, but provides vital structure to how we operate,” he commented. “Raising visibility and making it easier for all our staff to access these policies by putting them on the RML intranet is the game changer; this improves transparency and ensures that employees share with the business a clear and mutual understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.”

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