PCA to deliver social media abuse workshops

RML is always proud to partner with The Professional Cricketer’s Association (PCA) and to support its many initiatives to improve wellbeing and mental health in and around the game we love.

Today, the PCA announces that it will be delivering a series of social media abuse workshops – never more topical than now.

The groundbreaking game-wide educational workshops will be delivered to all professional cricketers in England and Wales to address the role that social media plays in mental health, with 27 partner businesses joining forces to support the initiative.

In response of an upsurge in PCA members reporting instances of online hate, seminars will be delivered to all professional squads from August onwards. The education will highlight the impact on mental health from abuse, overuse and addiction on social media. The aim is to educate players on coping mechanisms and strategies.

Sessions will be exercise-led, encouraging players to openly discuss the pros and cons of social media, and how various platforms affect their mental wellbeing. Each session will incorporate videos from current and former international and domestic players who openly discuss their relationship with social media whilst providing advice for their peers.

A successful pilot workshop was held in May with sessions to be led in person by specialists in this area in the form of PCA Personal Development Manager (PDM) Nick Denning and Head of Education at Sporting Chance Alex Mills, with input from numerous industry experts.

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An important topic in the context of the stresses and pressures of being a professional athlete in the modern era, the player-focused initiative is being supported and funded by a group of 27 businesses including many established PCA commercial partners like Robinson Manufacturing (RML).

RML’s CEO Simon Kidney is a keen supporter of wellbeing initiatives in sport as well as in the workplace: “Taking care of the mental health and wellbeing of our teams through the pandemic has been challenging enough, without the added pressures of social media faced by professional sportspeople. We are delighted to be able to support this initiative.”

It forms part of the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme (PDWP), a personalised support service which enables individuals to excel and develop sustainable performance within and outside of cricket.

As part of the PDWP, the PCA already offers its members comprehensive social media advice and support, which will be complimented by the new initiative which has a specific focus on the effects of social media on mental health.

PCA Personal Development Manager Nick Denning said: “Whilst we acknowledge that social media can be hugely positive and powerful when used responsibly, it’s important that the PCA educates its members on the potential pitfalls and dangers that come with these platforms.

“Sporting Chance are leaders in the field of mental health in sport, so expanding our relationship with them into educating members on the impacts of social media on mental health is a progressive step. I look forward to delivering this first-of-its-kind initiative with support from Sporting Chance and PCA partners.”

PCA Commercial Operations Lead Richard Morris said: “The support of our partner businesses is vital in helping to fund the important work that we deliver on behalf of our members. We thank the 27 businesses who have supported this important piece of work and we hope it will have a positive impact on our members’ mental wellbeing.”

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