Celebrating success and innovation continues to motivate the sector to work to the highest possible standards. Our continued partnership with the WhatHouse Awards is our vote of confidence in the housebuilders we work with across the UK.


We partner with the Create Streets Foundation, headed by Nicholas Boys Smith to support research and innovation in the housebuilding sector as well as the engouraging the involvement of communities in how their areas are developed.


RML is a founding partner of Inspiring 5050, which plans to deliver a continuous pipeline of female candidates to reflect society’s gender balance, starting by creating a flagship operational housebuilding site employing a 50:50 male:female ratio of trades by 2025.


The values often found in top class sporting organisations mirror our own – Inspire, Innovate and Deliver. Over the years we have chosen to partner with organisations that we think deliver that best, including Shelford Rugby Club in Cambridgeshire.