Overcoming Truss Design Challenges – CLC Blackpool case study


We have a dedicated design team at RML to assist with any technical queries and ensure our product will be the perfect fit when it comes to installation. When a project arises which requires additional communication and adjustments, they are happy to help. Overcoming design challenges is key to provide great customer service, which our talented designer Henry Mottershead-Jones recently experienced when completing a project for CLC Group Ltd in Blackpool.

To refurbish the roof for a block of flats, CLC required a hipped roof to be placed on top of an existing 54x14m flat roof. As residents were still living in the building, the existing roof needed to be left undisturbed. This meant Henry had to work from the original 1969 building drawing plans as the internal support points could not be seen at present.

After some site measurements, a section of the roof didn’t align with the existing roof. Henry suggested an innovative alternative, which was then approved by the architect and utilised in the final design.

As this new design was being placed onto an existing roof, it had no plasterboard underneath. This affected the rigidity of the roof and the uplift caused by the wind. With the turbulent weather we experienced in February and the heightened conditions near the Blackpool coastline, the uplift forces were very strong.

In order to ensure the successful completion of this project, Henry worked closely with the structural engineer to overcome any issues that resulted from these conditions. This case study is a clear example of how we apply constant communication from the design level to overcome any problems as they arise. Contact such as this helps us maintain our high-quality products and uphold customer satisfaction.

As can be seen by the photos below, this site is located on the popular Blackpool coastline and the work is quickly progressing. Our Trusses for this flat building were delivered in mid-February and the success of projects like this can be largely accredited to the hard work of our designers such as Henry.


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