Optimising Logistics

Driven by business growth, Truss Logistics Manager Alex Blyth and Logistics Manager for Joists, Lee Woodall, have updated logistics planning at Robinson Manufacturing (RML).

What does this mean for the business?

Alex and Lee have devised transport plans that maximise capacity using backloads, as well as overnight drivers to enable us to cover more area and drops per journey.

Drivers are also being cross-trained on the loading and delivery of both roof trusses and joists, which continues RML’s pattern of investing in people. It also helps ease the widespread challenge of driver shortages as highlighted in our Production Update article.

With increased efficiencies in transport, there will also be a reduction in CO2 emissions, contributing further to the environmental efforts of the business.

What does this mean for RML customers?

These improvements help RML keep lead times and costs competitive and support customer service.

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