Ongoing Staff Engagement

With over 250 staff at sites around the country and a few working remotely, staff communication is always high on RML’s agenda.

On top of regular operational and team meetings for a two way cascade of information, we also run a monthly staff newsletter, which always contains video updates from the leadership team as well as general news from around the company. In addition, we maintain a staff Instagram account for daily photographic updates from around the business.

The email newsletter, the vlog, and the Instagram accounts were initiatives started in the very early days of the first lockdown to make sure staff had a way to connect with each other and felt that the business cared about them even though they weren’t able to come to work.

And, of course, we have an intranet where staff can find company news, forms, policies and much more from their desks or phones.

Our estimates of staff engagement are also based on the results of staff surveys. The most recent, carried out anonymously, tested staff views on, among other things, how well we communicate, how well our managers listen and respond to problems, ideas, requests and suggestions.

“While the majority of the response was positive about how our leadership team, managers and team leaders communicate, there is always room for improvement,” commented Anna Kennedy, Head of HR. “As with all staff communications, I work with the rest of the leadership team to review feedback and make sure we improve where our staff highlight any issues; recent team leader training across several sites is a good example of where we invest to improve the skills of our leaders.”

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