Robinson Manufacturing’s Essex factory Branch Manager, Darragh Lombard, has an extra reason to be pleased to come back to work after the festive break this year. The week before Christmas saw the delivery and installation of new bit of equipment for the factory, one of four manufacturing units owned by the business across the country.

New Saw Investment at Essex Factory

Essex Factory-2The new saw represents a major investment for the business as well as a vote of confidence in the Essex plant, and will help RML to continue to meet ever-growing demand.
“As well as increasing overall capacity, this particular piece of equipment will help us increase our output by 35%,” Darragh commented. “It allows us to continue to shorten the timespan between call off and delivery, supporting our strategy of offer marketing leading service as well as a great product every time.”

The new saw investment required a complex and carefully planned installation process, including the following steps to prepare the factory for the new equipment:

  1. The factory’s infrastructure required upgrading, including new phase boards and a new compressor to provide the BAR necessary to operate the saw
  2. The existing EMS saw was moved to the other end of the factory, where it will serve for both panels and trusses
  3. A housing for the new saw’s conveyor belt was required

Delivery and installation of the saw was equally challenging.

The team offloading the saw needed a crane and several side-loaders and took several hours of delicate manoeuvring to offload and position the kit precisely in its new location in the factory.

Once located correctly, the German engineering team took a number of days to prepare it to operational-ready status. Training has also been provided to our highly experienced sawyers, and we are delighted that the equipment is now full operational, ready for the new year.