Robinson Manufacturing invests in new Roof Truss Press in Cheshire

new roof truss press A new overhead gantry press has been installed at our roof truss production facility in Cheshire, RML North West to support the continued development of our presence in the housebuilding sector across the country. This investment is part of a larger development plan for the site, which will take place over the second half of 2019 and will ensure we retain our first class manufacture capabilities alongside improved efficiency within our truss division.

Our Cheshire production team are already seeing the benefits of the new press. Designer Steve Grice commented: “Having an updated truss press really helps the team’s ability to maximise truss output alongside our joist production. We can now set up and press a larger number of trusses in a shorter time and allow our staff to manage jobs in the best way possible.”

MD of Robinson Manufacturing, Mark Smy, is pleased with the new acquisition: “Development of the infrastructure in this part of the country is key to our success in delivering a nationwide service to both regional national housebuilders. This new roof truss press doesn’t just help us meet increased demand now but as part of our bigger development programme for this site improves our ability to provide both capacity and service right across mainland UK.”

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