A New Customer Experience

At the beginning of the year, prior to the addition of two new sites and doubling the business overnight, the leadership team was tasked by CEO Simon Kidney with a root and branch review of our customer experience.

Robinson Manufacturing’s family-business roots remain firmly in place notwithstanding the fact we’re now a truly National brand. The challenge posed was how best to marry the two strands of our DNA to achieve ‘National Service, Locally Delivered’.

To accomplish our new goal, staff from design, production, risk, field technical and business development worked together on the new processes.

Our historic process has evolved from the very earliest days of the company, through the addition and increased sophistication of IT systems from software providers, to the cusp of new management system which will further enhance synergies internally and cascade benefits to our loyal customer-base; more on the latter in coming months.

Our ultimate goal at RML is to make the journey from cradle to grave as customer friendly as possible. In siloing tasks and functions, the working party initially identified seven key stages in the process. This revision of the process was put to stake-holders throughout the business for impressions and feedback.



Initial stages of the new customer journey are handled by Anthony Morton and his team based at our Flooring Midlands site. Thereafter, our development and production teams take your design from concept to delivery.

The results have been pleasing thus far, and helped to keep these core processes efficient as we’ve spent important time incorporating the new members of our family in Wolverhampton and Scotland into the team.

Notwithstanding new factories, fleet, staff and plant, the focus for RML is our customer base. You can rest assured the new customer journey will maintain that most important priority as we continue to evolve.

Greg Farrar, Head of Risk