Networked Timber Factories

The new Robinson Manufacturing Limited PEFC Chain of Custody certificate was delivered recently by respected certification scheme providers Exova BM Trada. We were particularly proud of the renewal since it reflects the expansion of our timber factories into Wales and the south west.

As the number of sites has grown, so too has the importance of our teams being networked to share information in order to maximise the use of knowledge. With this in mind, the Production Managers who look after the factories now gather for a conference call once a month to review production matters from the sharp end of timber operations.

The format is tight being just 15-20 minutes, after all, these are the team members who oversee the manufacture of every element of our engineered timber products so they need to be back at post! Topics include maintenance, work flow, learning from the field and the important opportunity to share tales of funny goings on within the team. It’s a quick exercise in the context of a working month, however it delivers great benefit in terms of efficiency improvements, clarity of vision and morale.

Networked timber factories mean a greater connection between our teams throughout the UK and the leaders who oversee production. It’s one of the ways in which Company goals and targets are communicated from the very top levels throughout our team – sharing the message from those steering the ship to the engine rooms where manufacturing happens.