robinsons joist factoryAnother national floor deal, this time with CALA Homes, means Robinson Manufacturing has brought forward its plans to reconfigure its joist factory to handle the continual increase in demand.

When the factory, at Don White Road in Wellingborough, a couple of miles from our Wellingborough head office and Northamptonshire roof truss facility, was originally set up, it was designed to handle a mix of metal web joists, IJoists, and spandrel panels.

National Floor Deal Supports Reconfiguration at Robinsons Joist Factory

Robinsons had already noted the increasing demand for ijoists . Our production management team had started planning for changes to allow us to continue manufacturing metal web joists and spandrel panels at their current rate of growth, whilst increasing production of ijoists in response.

However, the increasing number of larger joist contracts won with regional and national housebuilders, like the most recent deal with CALA Homes, has accelerated the need for increased efficiency.

“The factory reconfiguration does not affect our ability to manufacture metal web joists or spandrel panels,” commented Floor Director Glyn Hilson. “However, it nonetheless creates a larger, more efficient production area for ijoists, increasing our capacity by 100% to meet demand. Saws have been moved to create an efficient flow through the ijoist process, and recalibrated, whilst extraction systems have been redesigned to remove dust from the new manufacturing areas.”

If you would like more information on joist and panel design and production by Robinson Manufacturing, please do not hesitate to call us on 01933 279597.