National Apprenticeship Week

At Robinson Manufacturing (RML) we are showing our appreciation to the apprentices amongst the businesses, by celebration of ‘National Apprenticeship Week.’ Apprenticeships are a great way to develop talent in the business, as well as addressing skills gaps that may be identified. They are a popular and cost-effective method as it is a combination of on and off the job learning which enables individuals to contribute to the workplace while they are learning job-specific skills.

At RML by recruiting and training apprentices into different areas, it has allowed us to develop industry specific skills needed for our business and encourage new talent into the industry.

Anthony Jane-Gray, Management Accountant, has been studying under the apprenticeship scheme during his time at RML. Anthony comments:

 “I am loving the opportunity to study and apply the theory I am learning in college into my day-to-day tasks. Being able to gain on the job experience has advanced my knowledge of accounting and my qualifications further than if I had gone down a different route.”

RML have also employed two employees as apprentices. They both have spent 20% of their working hours per week studying and conducting set coursework, from their college.

Tom Taylor, Metal Web Joist Designer, comments:

“Being an apprentice has allowed me to learn on the job and pick-up transferable skills along the way, this has meant I have been able to understand processes the business uses better as well as gain an understanding of how to help the business work. I feel more equipped as the experience gained through apprenticeship route has helped my development. Since finishing my apprenticeship I have been able to focus on joist design work completely but the skills and knowledge I picked up are still relevant and help in my daily tasks. I am grateful for what my apprenticeship has offered me and the progress I have made as I come up my 3rd year with Robinson Manufacturing.”

Jordan Behan, hire as a Truss Estimator, comments about his experience:

“You could say it’s long but with help and support throughout it was worth it in the end. I was given a lot of help in terms of free time during work hours to catch up on college work if I needed. The apprenticeship that I took on, business admin, provided me with solid foundations for the role that I do today. RML have provided me with constant help and given me real life experiences and inspiration that I could apply to my coursework.”

Apprenticeships are also offered to our existing staff. RML we have been able to improve their training and invest in their development, by offering apprenticeships. This enables them to contextualise their learning in the work environment and put the skills into practice.

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