Moving Wales Production – Machinery

As part of the relocation of our Abercarn factory to our new, larger site in Ebbw Vale, we had some really heavy-duty machinery to move, and this third blog covers how we tackled this challenge.

We lined up local professional and experienced contractors such as electricians, fencing firms and similar while confirming the physical measurements of the factory and yard at the new location.

The project spreadsheet started with an audit of machinery at Abercarn and grew to incorporate everything from the relocation of the plant all the way down to mopping the office floor of the portacabin before we left the site.

There were a number of planning meetings both face to face and via video call, involving the MD, production and admin staff from both sites, members of the SLT and the finance department. These meetings continued throughout the project process from early January, right through until late February to ensure it was kept on track.

Moving the machinery was not without challenges, not least that both sites were in ongoing production throughout, with yard space consistently filled at both sites with finished products ready to be delivered to customers. We had to work around timber deliveries too.

The project also required precise coordination of a large number of third party contractors to minimise production downtime through the move. Disconnection and dismantling machinery, provision of access equipment and transport, before doing the same in reverse in the new site, all within a timespan as short as just a few hours.

With carefully planning and a lot of hard work from our team as well as our contractors, the physical move and recommissioning of machinery was completed on time and production is now in full swing in Ebbw Vale and the benefits to our customers and to the business of a larger and more efficient site are already being felt.

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